Buy shoes online with confidence

Let’s be honest, ordering shoes online can be an exercise in chance.  Sizes are not standardized, which can result in choosing the wrong fitting shoe up to 50% of the time. The result: higher return rates and lower shopper confidence.

That’s why we’ve created a solution that brings fewer returns, higher sales and happier customers. MatchMyfoot enables a personalized shoe fitting experience, accessible to anyone with a smartphone.


Users scan their feet

Our smartphone app allows people to digitize a 3D model of their feet, down to the millimetre.


We scan the shoes

Using 3D scanning technology, we obtain 3D models of the inside of shoes to be used for fitting.


See how they fit

Using our algorithm, we display how the shoe will fit and recommend the best fitting size.

Digitize feet, create foot profile

Using our smartphone app, users create a 3D model of their feet by taking a few pictures. To do so, they require a blank sheet of paper, a hard floor surface and a pair of black socks. Users can then virtually try on shoes and gain the confidence to shop online.




Online store integration

We work with select Brands and Retailers to offer MatchMyFoot from their site.


One-click fit analysis

Using a MatchMyFoot profile, personalized shoe fitting is always one click away.


Returns and sales analysis

We can provide fit analysis and recommendations to Brands and Retailers.

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